Atlanta's Only Pedal Tavern: Southern Pedaler

Atlanta's Only Pedal Tavern: Southern Pedaler

December 19, 2019

The Southern Pedaler is the only Bike Bar in Atlanta!

You've seen Pedal Taverns rolling around Asheville, Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh, and almost every other city in the Southeast. Finally, Atlanta has a bike bar of our very own! Introducing the Southern Pedaler, the best way to take a beer tour of Atlanta.

What is a Pedal Tavern?

Like the Pedalers in other cities, the Southern Pedaler is a bike bar that will take you to local hot-spots around Midtown. The riders provide (almost) 100% of the power needed to move the bike, and you can provide a custom playlist to help motivate your squad! Although if you get tired, there is an onboard motor for some of Atlanta's infamous hills. Presently, the company has 5 partner bars including The Nook, Publico Kitchen & Tap, Caravaca Market, Cypress Street Pint & Plate, and Babalu. Each partner bar treats the riders to special drink discounts at each stop!

Southern Pedaler has Several Different Tours in the Works

Presently, you can rent the entire pedal tavern or individual seats for a mixer tour. The tour will start and end in Midtown, and take you to all of the partner bars along the way. But these aren't the only tours that will be available. In the coming weeks, Southern Pedaler will be rolling out a variety of different tours that showcase the best of Atlanta! There will be an all-inclusive brunch tour that will take participants to several of the best brunch spots in Midtown. Additionally, there will be a chicken and waffles tour, a brewery tour with samples, and a fitness tour with yoga, zumba, and cycling (of course!).

Can I bring Alcohol on the Pedal Tavern?

Unfortunately, you cannot bring alcohol on the Southern Pedaler right now. However, this rule is subject to change any day now. The company is actively working with local government to get an exception to the rule as soon as possible. Obviously, having alcohol on board makes the trip more fun! Keep checking back with us - we will update this page as soon as the rule changes!

How to Purchase Tickets to the Pedal Tavern

To get tickets and learn more, check out The Southern Pedaler's website! There are multiple rental options, which include the large pedal tavern, the small pedal tavern, or individual seats on a mixed tour! We loved our experience on the Southern Pedaler, and are so glad that Atlanta has a bike bar of our very own! Schedule your tour today, we know you will love it!

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